Business Courses

Without a firm grasp of business skills, innovative leaders like Howard Schultz of Starbucks, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Elon Musk of Tesla Motors could not have led their companies to prominence. Business acumen was the foundation upon which these leaders built their enterprises, allowing them to create new business models and launch successful innovations in the marketplace. Learners work toward a similar foundation of knowledge through high-quality general business courses online. Today’s business professionals need to master a range of skills including analytics, marketing, and whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or an aspiring Fortune 500 CEO, numerous online business valuation courses can assist you in accomplishing your goals. For example, you can learn how to influence the perception of potential investors with courses like Powerful Persuasive Skills for Business Presentations. You can take quantum leaps forward by applying the knowledge you gain through a class like Your Start-up Company as a Business Experiment. And you can prepare yourself for success by taking the 5 Day Challenge for Business Owners. You might have the next big idea that can change the way people live in the world, and ​ business studies courses can help make that idea become a reality.

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