Engineering Courses

In 1926, Dr. Robert Goddard used liquid fuel to successfully launch the first rocket — an event that made a powerful impact in the world of engineering. In fact, it's considered to be just as noteworthy as the Wright brothers' first flight. Goddard a physicist, has helped to make advances in rocket design and construction thanks to his theoretical calculations. If you have an interest in aeronautical engineering, jumpstart your career with online engineering courses to learn about the history of the field, which includes Goddard's work as well as the first flight of the Wright brothers. You can also study the basics of motion, velocity and acceleration with an online course that explores the laws of momentum and energy. The work of mechanical engineers is the link between scientific discoveries and the practical applications that result in consumer products and meet the needs of society.  From urban planning and traffic engineering to product design, engineering courses help you discover how things work and give you useful tools with which to build. Whether you want to expand your general knowledge in mechanical engineering or learn more about specific fields like aerodynamics or product creation, engineering online courses can help you reach your goals.

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