Mathematics Courses

For thousands of years, many of the world's scholars believed that mathematics was the language of the universe, and that everything from human destiny to architecture could be understood in mathematical terms. One of the greatest mathematicians to ever live was Pythagoras of Samos. Much of the work attributed to Pythagoras was recorded by his disciples hundreds of years after he died. He is credited with formulating the Pythagorean Theorem and identifying the relationship between musical notes and their mathematical representations. If you have a passion for mathematics, you can continue the work Pythagoras started millennia ago by taking a variety of math courses online. Immerse yourself in music theory and discover the subtleties of the creation of sound in How Music and Mathematics Relate. Discover how space and motion connect as you develop your understanding of kinetics in Calculus, Algebra and Geometry. Deepen your understanding of the beautiful and mysterious universe by exploring advanced mathematical concepts that relate to physics. Whether you are just beginning your career as a mathematician, would like to go into teaching mathematics, or want to supplement the knowledge you've accrued over the years, taking mathematics online courses can also help you succeed in a competitive job market.

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