Science Courses

Albert Einstein is known for his remarkable work in the field of science. His thought process in coming up with his brilliant ideas, however, was unusual. He would use thought experiments – visual operations performed in his head – before beginning a physical experiment. The theory of relativity, for example, was conceived when Einstein imagined a man in free fall. The idea of gravity and acceleration helped construct his general theory of relativity. Einstein’s unique approach to science demonstrates that there are many ways to go about exploring it. Online courses are an efficient, challenging and interactive way to discover the ins and outs of this diverse subject. For instance, you can learn about the science behind everyday thinking with a class on how people form and change their opinions, thoughts and decisions. You may want to learn about nuclear science, forensic science, noetic science, or spiritual science and its impact on global, political and environmental issues. Have an interest in food? Discover the building blocks of organic chemistry with an introductory course exploring stability trends, bonding patterns and more. With online classes, you'll soon find that many different areas of everyday life, from nutritional health to your own thought processes, have a certain examinable science behind them.

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