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The Global Entrepreneurship course has been truly life changing.  That is, from the first day of the brain rewiring concept, looking at activities, ideas and plans have changed for the better. I understand the importance of all pieces of the business puzzle. I anticipated learning new entrepreneurship concepts etc which could help to improve my approach. Comparing with the Edx entrepreneurship course, this was much better and practical. Secondly, the crowd funding which was new to me introduced a whole new world of financial possibilities.  The course proved, also, that given time, energy and effort one is able to work with persons of varying accents, languages and cultural norms not forgetting time zones. People are all the same, no matter where they are from. Thirdly, I have embraced the concept of Return on Failure as part of my new outlook to business ventures. Fail, change, start al. Wonderful students and guest lecturers alike.  More than I anticipated. I liked the presentations done by the various tried and tested entrepreneurs whose presentations were information and life changing. Cheers!