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Introducing with the future food production is simple to say as we are upgrading our crops. But still there is a billion of people who are facing starvation in developing countries. Telling the techniques to the people would be very helpful to people as demand for food is increasing and we are enrolling in new techniques to produce crops. The content of the course should much deal with the aspects like why developing countries are unable to increase their production. And identify the places where the people die highest in numbers due to starvation. And what policies can be made for those people in there areas so that they could make their own 2 meals in a day. That must be focus.Just introducing to the techniques and parts will help them out to get the theory. the course would be helpful if introduction of some case study from developing being shown in course. Cause a student get these course from his universities also . but the main aim should be on the policy paralyses. Please do more research work to show how things can be improved.