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Imagine you are driving a trolley car, up ahead you see 5 people working. You try to stop the car, press the break, to your astonishment it did not work, you keep on trying again and again, otherwise these workers will surely die, but it's of no use. So, you feel absolutely desperate. Until, just before you were about to hit the workers. who are absorbed in some repair work and can't hear you screaming, you notice there is another track to the right, which you can turn to, but sadly there seems to be one worker on that side of the track, Will you turn the wheel ?! Is it the right thing to so ?!! In this course we discuss questions of distributive justice, and of moral desert, controversial issues like Military conscription, Affirmative action and Gay marriages. In this course you will read, and understand, Bentham, J Locke, Kant, J Rawls, Aristole and free experts from Micheal Sandal's book. This course is essential for anyone who want to be well-rounded, and think for himself. The course is accessible for anyone who has a good grasp of English language(even if not, check the subtitles option). The lectures are enjoyable and engaging. The assessments are multiple choice quizzes and a final. Everyone should definitely take this course !