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This course has exemplified all the qualities I associate with American education (I'm in Scotland): informal; direct; humorous; high academic standards. Al Filreis has been simply inspirational and the TAs excellent. In the hours of video discussions I've watched, they never seem stumped and appear constantly engaged. Not only has the course introduced me to new poems and poets but also to many new and exciting ideas about language, modernity and post-modernity - and political ideas about, for example, being socialised to perceive language in certain ways. I have already prompted many friends to keep an eye out for any reappearance of this course. I can't recommend it too highly. I should like to add my voice to those who have already said that a huge sense of connection exists across various countries - amazing considering the numbers involved! Facebook groups have been great for this. Having spent so many hours with Al and the TAs I have the odd feeling that we would recognise one another in the street. Certainly we would now have a great deal to talk about. Sorry to end that sentence a preposition with...