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I had no prior experience with programming and found this an easier and more engaging introduction than "Learn to Program: the Fundamentals" on Coursera, which I now hope to go back to to cover some of the theoretical ground skipped over by Udacity. Udacity's lecture format and interface is superb, and lend themselves superbly to this sort of introductory course - there's no way you'll ever find yourself lost or left behind. It's great that you can take the course at your own pace. The fact that everything you learn is directed to building a search engine keeps the course very engaging - you never feel like you are bogged down in theory or abstraction, which suited me as a beginner. The biggest problem is simply that the quizzes and homeworks are typically too easy, and don't require substantial individual work to complete. That said, it is very rewarding to be able to write your own code to quickly solve problems, and I'll undoubtedly leave this course feeling that programming is fun, which I hadn't really expected.