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I've got to know lots of interesting stuff - theory and practice, knowledge and tools. The instructor talked clearly and with humor, gave lots of options to watch/read video lectures, gave links to more stuff on the web for those who want and have more time to read. Discussions brought a lot of ideas, considerations, findings - an effect of massiveness. The instructor was involved in the course - participated in forums, wrote announcements. Peer assesment was an interesting exercise. Before the course, I expected that I'll be forced to go out with my GPS receiver and record stuff in the field - I wasn't, but it was an option. It's OK too, just different from what I thought. I found discussion assignment themes in forums to be too weekly organized - I'd liked a subforum per theme (if somebody wants to say about multiple themes, he/she may post to main forum for the discussion). Mapping assignments took a lot of time from me to do. Maybe they could be shorter? It would be good to know required final mapping assignment scope - this one took a lot of time from me too, but I've seen much shorter stories made by peers. Shortcomings were minor and I'm happy I took this course. I'd like to see more introductory courses, in any area, so well organized. The instructor made great job, the provider was good and was not getting in the way of learning process. Thank you, guys!