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I've had some experience studying cell death in traditional biology courses, as well as sifting through papers trying to get a picture of the field for research. Programmed cell death is becoming a very important subject in the field of biology, and at the moment is not covered well (if at all) by current textbooks. Dr Conradt's course more than rectifies this problem - it provides an overview of the field as it is, as well as introduces and demonstrates the use of the techniques used to elucidate the various cell death mechanisms. The production value of this class is wonderful as well - animations/images for every concept, with Dr Conradt presenting all of the material The three TAs have done a great job and answered practically every question I had within 24 hours. It seems they did this for all participants. This is great, but I hope they don't wear themselves out when the course gets bigger on the next offering... The techniques and background material could be confusing, especially for students new to biology. I guess if the course won't add a week or two of background in biology, it would be up to the interested student to do the extra reading. In it's current version there are two quizzes - one every two weeks in the beginning, and a final exam. There are no other assignments, which is okay, but I think I could always use some optional practice, if there was any.