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I had enrolled in this class for the August 2014 session believing that this course was about the 20th Century. I love the 20th Century. While I did well in the first part of the course; I became very bored with the course and enrolled so after the course started. First off, the professor talks as if he is on a PBS special. Next, the course also presents itself as if it "Antiques Roadshow." To me, this course presents itself more as a television show than an actually course. Now, Professor Bonevac does come across as professional (too professional) and knowledgeable. I am not trying to be offend anyone. . This course just seems dull and lacking. Hopefully with some revision this course will be more fun. I would love to see this course videotaped during a semester when it is offered on campus at the University of Texas, Austin. It would be awesome to see Professor Bonevac engaging with his students.