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I took the UX Design course early this year based on a referral from a trusted friend who was starting the course herself. Hopefully her experience has been more pleasant-- mine has been very, very bad. About two months into the course, my mentor (who is exceptionally experienced in the field and very supportive) had a life event. That's fine, things come up, and he explained kindly that it would take him about four weeks to get back to supporting his students. Fast forward to over 2 months later, I am absolutely in the dark-- mentor nowhere to be found, CF saying they'll take care of it, but no report of any progress. Basically, I am scared I am wasting a few thousand dollars. They refused the refund that I requested, seeing as how I am now four months into a 6-month course, and half of that time has been wasted without any guidance. I don't know my legal options either (a few thousand dollars is nothing to just let go) as the company is based in Germany. Curriculum is informative, but often disjointed form the assignments. Honestly, it was the mentor support that was making this course function, and now with that gone and no sign of returning, I am very upset. If my experience changes significantly for the better, I will modify this review. At the moment, I suggest everyone stay away from the course.