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This is really a great course. I knew linear algebra a bit but did not get time to map it to programming. This course fulfilled that thirst. These are the main points that I want to point out: 1\. Slicing and dicing matrices - Viewing the matrix as a collection of vectors and applying vector operations to matrices made matrix manipulation a lot easier. It not only helped to get insight into the mathematics behind matrix manipulation but also changed the way we write programs for matrix operations. 2\. Extended deadlines: Though at the beginning the course had strict deadlines, realizing that it is delivered online to people with various levels of commitment, deadlines were extended. I think, this is important for such a MOOC, especially a MOOC related to mathematics. This is because mathematics requires (at least for me) a lot of time to understand. It is not the case that you view the videos, review some solved problems, and then go and do the homework. What I found important while doing this course is, if you understand the concept well and if you are able to get insight into it, then it is very easy to solve any problem based upon that topic. For example, if you are able to understand linear transformations, then it is very easy to understand linear dependence and independence which in turn makes it easy to understand orthogonality. It also makes programming easier. 3\. The FLAME library: The algorithms that were discussed in the course helped me to map theory to practice. The best part I liked about the FLAME library is - you have to focus only on the problem at hand i.e. what you want to actually do. Though I never used any math library until now, I think FLAME notation is a revolutionary approach for solving problems related to linear algebra. In short, what I think is, though there are some issues with the course, the content and the approach with which the course is delivered largely outweigh them. ...will be looking forward for other such great courses from Prof. Robert and Prof. Maggie. Thanks to both professors and their team.