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What an excellent course! I honestly did not have great expectations at first because I thought it would be very difficult to manage to analyze so many poems and the different trends in American poetry also considering that we are more than 32.000 ModPoers from around the world. However, this course exceeded what I thought I was going to learn as I became a more enthusiastic student. English is not my mother tongue and this massive online course has helped me to develop my level of English. The experience I gained is way beyond what I truly expected. ModPo managed to gather thousands of people with the same love and passion for poetry, this is priceless. Professor Al is my mentor, he is a great teacher and I really appreciate the fact that he has been always there to help and respond to our doubts. I just want to end encouraging people interested in poetry to join Coursera and sign up for the ModPo. I wish this course had continuity. Greetings from Chile, thanks Al and the ATs.