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This was a superlative course. Having been a fan of Prof. Mike Brown's lectures for several years, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take a course from him; he did not disappoint. Professor Brown is passionate about the solar system and its evolution, and that passion comes thru in his lectures, lectures that are delivered personally to you, sitting across from him in his office at Caltech. The breath and depth of the material was amazing, and as a lifelong student of Science, I appreciated his candor on what we know, what we hypothesize, and what we still just don't know. The quizzes and final exam are manageable, but at times frustrating. Most all questions have multiple correct answers, but "(mark all that apply)" is not always present in those cases. My one fault on Coursera is that it is not optimized for mobile devices; I live in a rural area where wifi is limited, so watching lecture after lecture on a 1.25 x 2.25 inch display was less than ideal. I will definitely take this course again, to capture more of the detail -- and on a larger screen.