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This is an amazing class! You will love the visuals complete with animations! However, this isn't a class for novices. You need some exposure to calculus already. In the first week there's a diagnostic test you can take to see if you're ready for the class. You should be okay if you remember some of your calculus from high school. This class gives a great introduction to calculus of a single variable by using Taylor series as the underlying model. There are some great applications covered, such as areas, volumes, arc lengths, discrete summation, work (in the physics sense), numerical integration and more. This course will eat up most of your time, so trying to do this concurrently with other courses will be difficult. There are lots of homework practice assignments available (that don't count towards a grade) and these take time to do. You don't have to do all the questions, but you'll find it worth your time to attempt as many as possible.