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I have found Modpo to be both extraordinary and frustrating.The resources provided including the video presentations (discussions with the professor and T.A.s, web casts of discussions by poets, links to copies of poems studied and to poets reading their own poems, links to poem talks etc., etc, etc. are truly extraordinary. The student is enveloped in a plethora of riches. The poems are presented via close readings, but also with reference to the social and artistic context of the times. Every effort has been made to provide the technology for interaction between student and instructors and amongst students. Technologically all of this has been brilliant. The frustrations arise from all of the above. It is not possible to take in all of the information. The encouragement to interact makes the limitations of interacting with more than 30,000 people painfully apparent. There is an urge to respond immediately, personally, and vocally to video discussions amongst the instructors. If I did not have the opportunity to share what I am learning and experiencing with a group of friends with whom I have been reading poems for 25 years I think I would be driven to throwing things at the computer screen.