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I am now in the second year of post graduation but just to understand some of the basic concepts more clearly from MIT professors, I took the course. I am one of those with good knowledge of the subject which I have already learnt. This is the first time that I am taking an online course and it is fabulous. The teaching format, material, exercise problems, assignments and everything are super and outstanding. I really felt awesome while learning the course. Particularly the way axially loaded structural elements are dealt with because starting from the basic level we got to know different things like non- linearity of the material or geometry, force method, displacement method, FEM. Generally no teacher covers like this. And this is what I felt till now an awesome way of teaching a particular topic. Any thing we learn in life, even a very small thing, if we go to the depths of it, then we will definitely know the point of it..... And I hope teachers everywhere will relate different things properly while teaching their own respective subjects. I suggest everyone who wants to know the fundamentals and basic necessary things of structural mechanics take the course as it definitely will enhance your knowledge of structural elements....