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I had to repress the desire to give all five stars to this course in Modern and Contemporary Poetry at Pennsylvania due to an over-effusiveness in subjectivity. I began my route to the course by finding it advertised on Twitter and being the curious-type thought to pursue it , and to blog about it at Open Salon as it proceeded. The ModPO MOOC is set up so that the student can access substantial archives of teaching materials, these include video Introductions, both audio and text versions of the poets' work under consideration, healthy discussion forums for questions and comment, and assorted Wikis, huddle-groups, quizzes, and writing assignment mechanisms. We were asked on a thread about comparing this course with others, and although I had not tried a MOOC before, I have some experience of blended learning which is established on a similar, but less intense basis. I find the ModPo Mooc to be well-designed and unfrightening. The staff , from Al Filreis, through teaching assistants and to visiting poets are friendly, professional, enthused and passionate about modern poetry. I am enjoying the course because I can take my time with the threads and syllabus. The fact that the course will remain open for another twelve months after teaching and its end proper, is quite simply a boon. We have not yet finished the course. I will be aggregating my blog about the course's devlopment in due time, and I hope to condense the entire into one post which will elaborate on the experience of participating in a MOOC. In the interim, thanks to the staff and poets who enabled this introduction to Modern and Contemporary Poetry at PENN. It is great to have an inside track in how this can be done with both excellence and commitment by those involved.