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This was my first math course on a MOOC platform. However it does not entirely deal with the mathematics related with linear programming but also includes some interesting applications, implementing algorithms in your favorite programming language, exposure to scientific computing packages like matlab, cvx and glpk and various optimization techniques. It is a good blend topics that compliment each other and you don't need to be familiar with all of these in order to complete the course. The professors have worked a lot on the material for students to understand the lectures and the presentations were very clear. For me, the programming assignments were quite intimidating but after going through the lecture videos, i was able to complete it. This course has objective problem sets as well and you can attempt either of them (programming assignments or problem sets) in order to receive a certificate of accomplishment so it's a good course for someone with no programming experience to learn about linear optimization (not just linear programming). It is also a great way to learn programming if you are willing to attempt the programing assignments as the lecturers do an excellent job in explaining the simplex algorithm step by step so you don't miss a single detail of how it is implemented on a computer. Even though if you don't wish to build your own linear programming solver, this course also introduces you to many useful LP solvers available in matlab/octave, glpk, excel and python. There was an active participation in the discussion forums and professor shriram was always there for clarifications on any matter related to the course; something which I've never seen in any MOOC I've taken so far. Although I've not participated in the discussion forums I found it very useful to visit whenever i was stuck as the issue was already addressed there. Overall it was a great experience to have successfully completed the course and the interest generated by the instructors will definitely encourage you stick to the end. This course doesn't just teach you about linear programming and integer linear programming but covers a wide range of optimization techniques and computing packages which give you a solid foundation on these topics and will encourage you to explore more.