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Previously to taking this course I had an high-school-level-astronomy understanding of the solar system, so not anything special. I enrolled simply to broaden my horizon a bit and I was not disappointed. The course had a clear structure and was challenging but never too hard to follow. Prof. Brown and his TAs were highly motivated to break the subjects down so everybody can understand even the difficult parts. I especially liked that I was not just given the hard facts about the subjects but was instead taught HOW we know what we know about the solar system. The course taught the concepts, experiments and ideas behind deriving knolwdge about our solar system, which was fascinating and highly rewarding. a special feature was that the course went parallel to the actual class at Caltech, which provided an inside view into the students experiences and opinions about the subjects. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how astrophysicists expand our knoledge about the universe we live in. Thank you rof. Brown.