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Prior to taking the course, I took physics and math courses as part of my BS. I have an interest in the topic and taking up stargazing again. I am not trying to earn credits or a degree with this course. I took this course for fun. This was my first Coursera experience. Sadly, the experience was largely negative, and I dropped the course. Compared to other college level courses, I found this course lacking is several areas. First, the instructor has very poor public speaking skills. It is difficult to learn a subject when the speaker punctuates their discussion with "ummm" or "awww" frequently. Second, in many of the courses I have taken, the lectures and the coursework had a direct relation. This course lectures do not have any relation to the course work. An example is the discussion on orbits where the lecturer spends most of a20 minute video discussion on outdated "earth-centric" universe, with less than 3 minutes to discuss the actual formula the home work will require. Third, the home work was originally forecast has requiring 3-6 hours of work per week, but the actual time was significantly greater, between 10-20 hours per week. Finally, I do not feel I really was getting anything out of this experience, other than to just read the lecture transcripts for the formulas to do the homework. I expected the course to discuss astronomy, but it was really "applied mathematics to astronomic problems" I disliked the method of teaching, with poor presentation. I disliked the home work that had no relation to the lecture. I disliked the overly burdensome time requirement for "fun" lecture. I cannot recommend this course due to the lack of teaching, and misguided attempt to discuss astronomy.