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This is a brilliantly put together MOOC. The quality of the reading material, the instructional videos, the demonstration videos and the exercises and reflections are outstanding. The course exceeded my expectations and I have no hesitation in recommending it. In fact, in today's world a course like this is essential as it - as the title implies - helps to build existential well-being. I want to close-off my review by quoting and excerpt from what I wrote in my goodbye discussion post: "Thank you so much to Mia and her team for making this MOOC such a wonderful experience. There are just so much that I learnt, each of the sections had its own treasures, none can be singled out. And thank you to my classmates, I learnt a lot from your wisdom." When, not if! :), you do the course, savor every part of it - read even the optional material - it is all outstanding - don't rush it.