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Took this and Algo II, the structure of both courses is identical, and so is my review. Good to excellent lectures, explanation is very clear, examples on spot and in the end you finish your unit knowing it, especially if you try to replicate what he's saying with your own IDE, and test results. I took it as a algorithms and Java refresher, both topics I'm unfortunately not using since few years, and for that, it worked. The weakest point are surely quiz. With the randomization occurring at every attempt, replicating algorithms in pen and paper was an unpleasant, frustrating experience, and I quickly lost interest in completing it - the power of repeatable quiz, is to fix knowledge errors and misconceptions by feedback, not punish those trying to learn. Assignments were quite interesting and I wish I would have tried a couple more... In the end, the lack of any sort of reward or performance measure, even only the honor certification, drained my interest in investing more time than simply watching the videos, and I finished skipping few units, to start different courses. Overall, the very high quality of the lectures will make me consider to check the courses again in the future for improvements.