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This course went far beyond my expectations. The method is very engaging - we follow the discussions of an enthusiastic teacher - Al Filreis - with his group of bright and ever so generous young students. It's lively, unexpected and fun most of the times. Complementing, there's talks with other poets, teachers, and other people who get together to share something they are passionate about. And we feel part of it all the way, the course is WITH us, not just for us. Working in a full time/overtime job and not being able to enrol classic courses to pursue my interests or simply stretch my mind, I'm finding this online course a precious source of knowledge. Although "fast paced", all matters are discussed "substantially" and accurately. And even if I not able to participate in the forums as often as I wished, it's always a joy to sign in and discover and learn and be surprised once again. I am sure that all the texts, references and ideas that are crossing this amazing community will stay with me a long time and provide me chances to dig in deeper in poets and poetry. I will be forever grateful to the amazing team and all the classmates of ModPo. The sessions for week 6 have just been uploaded, I'm rushing now, only time to add that I'm from Lisbon, Portugal, and English not being my first language, I'm having no trouble following the texts or the videos - so don't let language or distance deter you!