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I was expecting to get reacquainted with the subject matter and be able to utilize it in my field (and other fields) of study/research. I did. I was actually able to have a better understanding on some areas where I had doubts before. The course is being shaped to be able to reach those with little to no knowledge on the subject matter or for those who have found the subject matter difficult in the past. I believe the course is nicely getting shape. The lectures go through lengthy theoretical explanations, which may seem difficult for some unfamiliar with the subject. However, these explanations are followed by many case studies in which you can see and understand how the statistics work conceptually and also how to obtain such statistics and apply them to the questions being asked. I give specific attention to the fact that with this course, the student will understand "when to apply what and for what purpose". As with all other materials and courses, finishing this course will by no means make the student a specialist in Statistical Inference, but the student will gain the necessary information to start working with SI and Data Science projects. In my experience, it is with continuous work in the related field that a person becomes specialized in that field. Taking this course (stand alone and with the Data Science Specialization) will give you the information necessary to keep learning and applying what is learned.