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I expected to learn how to write a compiler, how to use the lexical analyzer, the parser and which algorithms are needed to produce executable code. I was taking this class because I did want to learn about parsing a language and integrates it into my programs. So, producing executable code was not really my goal. Parsing the language was what I was really seeking for. I did abandon this course before reaching my goal. I found the course frustrating. It requires much more time than expected and not enough examples and practical problems were give to make sure you master the concepts required. And partly, the choice to force you to learn a toy language and make a compiler for it was the problem. It is like teaching a language and assuming you are mastering it at the same time. It introduces unecessary complications. This course should be split in two, one part focusing on basic concepts without the COOL language and the goal to write a compiler for it. Then the second part, taught as a second course could have for sole goal to teach you the COOL language and guide you in writing a compiler for it. I found also the fora was not that helpful because that is a lot of extra readings you have to do beside everything else: flex, bison documentation, course documentation, COOL documentation, etc. Too much stuff at the same time. I am still seeking for a good course teaching this material, or at least language parsing. I haven't find anything yet.