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Overall, this is a great course on linear algebra. Instructors Robert and Maggie were quick to respond to comments and questions. Many of the work problems had available a video of an instructor working through the problem, explaining each step (if I got stuck). I especially enjoyed the enrichments, which gave us a taste of different applications. I like the way they start with scalars, then vectors and then work with "slices" of vectors and matrices. I think some more graphical analogies would help with understanding. Also, I would have benefited from more practice problems. Often I found myself going back to a previous section to review the available practice problems to help drill in certain concepts. I liked having access to online Matlab for the duration of the course, which helped with much of the computation. Since Matlab is a commercial software (and may be cost prohibitive for many), I want to point out that Scilab and Octave look like good free alternatives to perform many of the tasks which Matlab will do.