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I have done several MOOCs so far and, by my experience, they fall into 4 categories: 1 - Those that does not deserve any mention (poor material, poor teaching strategy, poor teacher/student interaction...) 2 - Those that have a motivated and participant instructor that unfortunately fails to provide a good learning environment. 3- Those that have a very well crafted material that, by itself, is able to deliver good results to engaged students, even with the lack direct interaction between instructors and students. 4 - Few that are able to provide not only a very well made material as also have instructors that are really engaged in the course all the time. This course stands into the latter. Professors Robert and Maggie not only presents the course masterfully as also interact and respond every single question posted in the forums. Also, you will find most of the exercises and demonstrations very well written and many of those with videos in which the instructors themselves guide you step-by-step. I took this course as a refresher, since I had a previous undergraduate course in Linear Algebra but, not only I was able to review many of the topics I wanted, as also I was presented to some techniques (Flame notation, slicing and dicing...) that really improved my knowledge. There is only one negative aspect of the course in my opinion, and that is their choice to use matlab in the programming assignments instead of python from the last offering. However, even with that, the material is well documented and there are examples in python as well (but I really hope they change back to python in the next editions) Anyway, it was an amazing course and I really recommend it to anyone willing to learn or review the topics of a undergraduate course in Linear Algebra.