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First off, an enormous round of applause to the instructor Mr. Weissman and everyone else that worked on this amazing course. I personally filled several weeks of research to find the perfect curriculum on this subject, so I consider that, especially after completing this course, I am appropriately qualified to say this is by far the best course you can find, content alone, the fact that it's free only increases its impressiveness! The sessions are well thought out and explained exceptionally by Mr. Weissman and the optional hands on activities and additional resources give hours of additional learning content, as well as some very entertaining articles, without the trouble of trying to find similar content yourself! This is a wealth of knowledge made by many educated and hardworking people and their efforts show off in quality. Look no further, if you're looking for a course on cybersecurity, you've found a perfect match. Don't just take my word for it, take the voice of this vast and diverse student body that have already completed and reaped the lavish rewards of this course!