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Hi! I´m so glad to start this course. I am Diego, from Ecuador. I´m an artist and art teacher since more than twenty years. During my career I have made a lot of things: paintings, drawings and some sculptures using different media. My subjects are nudes, portraits and also compositions with pre-columbian images. I have shown my works in some places in my country, South-America and Europe. I´m also interested in art theory, philosophy and language. I have interest in languages phenomenal, so this derives to interest to learn languages from another cultures. Until now I read and speak in English in a reasonable level, and French in a low level. I like English for many reasons: films, music and literature of 20th century make me feel connected with English language. I have practiced English since many years and I have coursed some classes. I never studied languages for obtain a certified paper, but now for laboral reasons I will try to get one. So I want take and enjoy this chance.