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I previously took linear algebra as an undergrad, and I can honestly say I learned more here than I did in the actual class. The videos were broken up so it wasn't one giant boring lecture, but rather broken up via theory, practice, examples, and applications. They implemented iPython notebooks. That was an interesting development for a MOOC. I enjoyed them as someone that has computer programming experience, but they were very basic so great for either a rookie or someone who was rusty with reading and writing code. The pace was great, all of the assignments were due initially three weeks after being released, but then a few weeks in the instructors made everything due at the end of the MOOC. The notes were my favorite part. They explained everything first hand before I had to watch the video. And the examples were also in the notes, I rarely had to write anything down myself besides doing the work for the exercises. I wish they had done more for the iPython notebooks in the notes though. Overall, I hope the instructors do more mathematics courses like this. I would love for them to do something similar for Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations.