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I have used R in development as well as other programming languages. This is a class where a beginner will spend a large amount of time trying to keep up, but it is well worth it. The class focuses on iterating through, capturing and modifying statistical data with a secondary focus on the fundamentals of plotting. To be honest, on the hardest week I spent over 16 hours working on the coursework and lectures, on the easiest week it was around 5. That included some extra time polishing the functions. Listening to the lectures was a good experience, but as with many programming languages it can get technical and just because you learn the overall technique doesn't mean applying it to specific cases is easy to do without trial and error. The programming assignments support each other with each assignment building on the next and there are some ungraded steps in some assignments that are intended to help get you ready for the scored assignments for the week. I highly recommend this course and think it will be an asset for future data analysis courses. Others in the course stated they thought this course complimented the Data Analysis course they were offering at the same time. A word of warning, This is one of the most difficult undergraduate courses you'll take if you're not trained in programming methodology. This is not an R tutorial! it is centered around getting data for analysis so if you're not interested in a career using data analysis this may not be for you. Many of the people in the course dropped out. If you are interested in data analysis, take this course!