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Not sure where to start here! First, I want to clarify that this is not "sour grapes." I so far have not been able to advance past the first end-of-module test, though I've taken it 3 times. My score has consistently been 70 (got 14 of 20 questions right -- minimum would be 16 questions, for 76%). I had the most trouble on multiple-choice questions ("choose all that apply"). The result that comes back doesn't give you any clue as to what you got right and what you got wrong, and there's always that uncertainty that the imperfect rendering of words had at least something to do with this. I've had to resort to copying and pasting the provided transcript, printing it, and then using it like a textbook to review the content. Part of the problem is the language. Ironically, the instructor often says that the key to good technical writing is to ensure that you are communicating clearly enough for an audience to understand. In reviewing this transcript, I have jotted numerous notes in the margins -- correcting punctuation so that a long run-on sentence makes more sense as two or more sentences and changing suspect words to the right ones (this was accomplished by reading the words out loud). I am fairly sure that the content was translated, and then transliterated -- someone listened to the instructor's words and translated voice-to-text, with all the attendant delights one finds with auto-correct in text messaging. Here's a perfect example: Original: A callously drafted building quote for example. Contempt constructors to use in theory and materials and techniques. I believe it should say: A carelessly drafted building quote, for example, can tempt constructors [builders] to use inferior materials and techniques. That was the worst example so far, but there were plenty of others. On each screen is an invitation for people taking the course to help translate. I'd love to... but first I'd like to get past the first module and finish the course! Not sure I will do so. This cost $49, certainly a tiny amount compared to what colleges charge, but this strikes me as an exercise in needless frustration.