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This course is not just about poetry - it is poetry! I have learned more about poetry in context through this course than I imagined could be learned in ten weeks. I felt the constraint of Emily Dickinson in week one as she wrote about dwelling in possibility while living within cultural suppression. At the conclusion of the ten-week journey with poets who explored and exploded the creative possibilities of word and art I felt liberated. Foremost, the passion of Professor Al Filreis fueled the course - passion for poetry, for teaching, and for students. Then a class atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation, compassion, community, humor, and delight created a palpable energy that made students want to stay up late and rise early to go to class, to be within the class energy. It is not saying too much to predict that others who take this course will touch some of the grandness of what it is to be human, will identify more poetry in people and life, will enlarge their imagination, and will expand their wonder about creativity and Mystery. Thank you, consumate professor Al Filreis … intelligent, curious, involved TAs … able behind-the- scenes crew … generous companion students … Coursera … Al Gore … and all others who brought about this meaningful internet experience for me and thousands of others.