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This is an excellent course. No doubt about it. The topics are extremely interesting, the lectures are very helpful and "chapeau" to professor Petra Bonfert-Taylor. I had a slight knowledge of Complex Analysis and thanks to her I now have a quite big knowledge of Complex Analysis. Her patience, dedication and enthusiasm is truly admirable. I recommend this course strongly, if you like mathematics, even if you like them slightly, trust me, you will enjoy highly this course. Although, in my opinion, the workload is quite big, it is necessary. You will learn more if you really dedicate yourself to it. You have to complete 6 homework and 3 peer graded assignments. I never thought that a mathematical MOOC could have peer assessments. It was a BRIGHT idea. You had to complete three of them. There were excercises you had to do or with a software or with pencil and paper. You took a picture of it and your peers graded your work. It was extremely interesting, not only the dedication and treat with which you had to do it, but it was equally interesting to grade others. To be able to see how others think mathematically is a true privilege. The homework is also interesting. You work on everything that you learned in the lectures. And although the workload is big, you can apply "late days" to your homework so you can have more time to complete it. It's just a matter of organizing your time. This is my third MOOC and it is the first time I cheked the discussion fora on a daily basis. People were very polite and very enthusiastic and very helpful. I do not know to thank them. There work was amazing. This was in fact, an AMAZING course. I strongly recomend it. It was professional in all the ways I look at it. The lectures, the grading, the professor. My sincere congratulations to professor Petra Bonfert-Taylor, Wesleyan and to all the staff of the course.