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I am currently doing this course however I already can say a few things. - If you don't have any previous knowledge you will take more time to finish it because you will have to study more then that is given to you here since the problem sets increases dramatically in difficulty from each week. Which it is good since you have to think more for yourself. - From what I see in other courses they take a classical approach since the content is what it is expected if you take an introduction course in a physical school. - I don't think that the lecturer is dynamic on my view he is rushing through the lecture in order to condense it in a set time for the video - The walkthrough in the problem sets may or may net help. What I felt in some cases I had more doubts because of the videos, so I simply ignored them because I didn't understood what was expected - The navigation of in the edX site is not, for me, user friendly. I lost a lot of time navigating through every time that I wanted to consult specifics things and the mobile app doesn't have redirect for the youtube videos. - It's not easy to find support. I had a problem with the output of a program that in the IDE it says with their commands everything is OK but final evaluation is not 100%. So by the terms you can't expose any part of your code and you have to find an email for support.