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Content was an overview of the latest relevant science delivered by the experts in each area of research, as well as a discussion on the associated myths used to debunk the science. I had a lot of unanswered questions in the first two weeks of the course but found that these were all actually covered and resolved as the course progressed. I was also wary of being brainwashed into believing that climate change is human-caused but found as the course progressed, there is plenty of scope to form your own views based on the research and evidence presented. So I would say stick with the full course, note down your doubts and questions and make sure you resolve them during the course. I found the presentation of course material, videos and transcripts, a flexible and effective way to learn and I particularly liked the interviews with the experts in the each area of research and to learn and hear their views first hand. Always the best to learn from someone with a passion for their area of expertise. Overall a great course. I will repeat it at some point to remind myself of all the detailed content.