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I have been doing this course starting on the week of 5 to 10th of october 2015 and I was already behind. I have not been able to move from the first part, because every time I do the excersices and try to submit them, a message shows saying that I do not have an account. Of course I do have an account, but then I try to open an account and a message says that the email address I am using is already taken. Then I proceed to use my email address with which I open the account and it comes again saying that the email address I am trying to use is already taken. then I try to open an account and it goes on and on and on..... This is absolutely frustrated. It does not work, I have written three times looking for help and nobody has responded me. Is this a joke of some bizzare way of riping me of my money? I have paid already 50 bucks for the certification that I am suposed to receive when finishing the course. But I will never be able to finish the course given that I need an account that I already have, but the system does not recognize it. It is absolutely creazy. My progress: no progress at all but I have to choose one, isn't it funy????? Can someone of the course providers or the facilitators help me with this, I am not getting happy, I am getting angry! Fressia