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Edx is currently the best MOOC provider, MIT MOOC standard is very high and 2.02.1x excells even between MIT MOOCs! The strengths of the course in my opinion are: 1) An extensive number of worked exercises covering the course subject; How many times you get disappointed because all you get when clicking "Show Answers" is "Answers are displayed within the problem"? Well, not in 2.02.1x! 2) Teacher is trying all she can to get your (and real audience) attention... and she succeeds! It is not a waste of time following the recorded lectures, believe it or not. Sometimes it happens recorded lesson are not much more valuable than a text book, but IMPO, not for 2.02.1x. 3) Problems and quizzes are challenging but not impossible, and give you a real sense of satisfaction when solved 4) TAs and instructor monitor the discussion forum and are very quick to reply. That's not always the case in my 30+ MOOCs personal experience 5) You get a MATLAB online free account! Overall, a very accurately crafted course on a subject that would risk to appear arid and suffocated from algebraic calculations otherwise. I am very satisfied I followed it, I already followed 2.01x in the past, and it was as good as this one, and plan to take 2.02.2x as soon as it gets available.