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There is little I can add to what my fellow students have so well put, and still I would like to thank our fearless - facing such a huge classroom is unprecedented - teachers, Prof. Filreis and his valiant TA's. Dear friends, you have been making "all the difference" since the moment you chose to lead us cheerfully along the road that " was grassy and wanted wear" just several weeks ago. Can you believe it - only several weeks - I can't! After listening to the introductory audio to Chapter 9-2, I just have to add one more comment, and it doesn't matter if I am repeating what others have said before: the course's great merit is in that it urges us to open our minds and hearts to what is unconventional, new , different and, at times, not so sweet - sounding to our ears. it is not easy, sometimes what we read doesn't initially make much sense, but then...