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This is the first MOOC I have taken. I particularly appreciated the great care that was taken in preparing the course materials to make the subject clear and accessible, structuring the lectures and quizzes in easily digestible bites, providing guidance to students on study habits at the outset and adopting an approach that facilitated consolidation of knowledge as we progressed. The multi-speed play feature on the lectures was terrific, allowing more rapid progress when the material was familiar, or a more measured pace when not. I also enjoyed the course reading, and the rich historical context for the material in the ebook and lectures. Gaining a basic understanding of relativity has been on my "bucket list" for a while and this course did the trick. The experience has lived up to my best hopes. I am tremendously excited by the development of MOOCs and grateful to Prof Lagerstrom, Stanford, and all the other pioneering institutions and academics who are making first class educational content available to the online world. I am now very eager to move on to other subjects as time allows.