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I wish I could have known prof. Lukas earlier to learn from him and his course. I am currently taking the course at The course is extremely helpful for me. If somebody would like to know essential things about Silicon Photonics, this course is a must. I just summarized what I remembered here and hope it is helpful for you. The course shows the whole process, from design to manufacture, of a passive silicon photonic device called Mach-Zehnder interferometer. The process starts from analyzing/simulating fundamental components such as silicon waveguide, Ybranch, and grating coupler with Matlab, Lumerical (MODE, INTERCONNECT). And then, you have chance to learn about how to layout your design using Klayout or Mentor Graphic and fabrication. You also have chance to learn about many variations which affect your final product such as resolution of the EBeam machine, processing time vs. precision, waveguide roughness .. Finally you will know how the measurement is automated/ how to work in team (design merge, design error checking), how the experimental result is fitted and surprisingly your results are somewhat predictable by using corner analysis. Your final results are expected to fall within the min-max range of your corner analysis. Happy with your course.