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The course is very easy if you have some programming experience (in other languages) and moderate if you are a beginner. The lectures are top notch. The only problem I had with the course is that you have to complete only 3 programming assignments during the entire course which isn't that much. Would have liked to have at-least a programming assignment for each week. The difficulty of the course is easy. You start from the very beginning and it is less advanced than some of the other programming courses on Coursera (like Interactive Programming on Python from Rice, or Video Game Developing using C# and XNA) and you need to spend less time in this than in other courses. If you don't have any programming experience, this course is definitely for you. If you have some programming experience but you don't know Python, this course will be valuable. If you have knowledge on Python then don't take this course cause this is an introduction level course. After you finish this you will know to write functions, if-else clauses, while and for clauses, to use lists and dictionaries and to read and write from files.