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I took this course because the title intrigued me. Media is currently undergoing a transformational change and I thought this course might provide some interesting insights. It has been interesting but not in depth enough for my taste. I should point out  that I have worked in media and communications for more than a decade. The weekly reading lists are relevant, through-provoking and, for the most part, timely.  While Prof. Youngman does include several books in the reading lists and he does reference those authors regularly in his lectures, course participants do not have to have read the books in order to complete the course or succeed in the quizzes. The lectures include a sense of fun but could delve more into strategy, consequences and ethics. The quizzes are too easy and I do not find the weekly writing assignment give me additional insights. They feel like make-work projects. Despite these criticisms I have learned a lot about Google, search and the shifting content paradigm - that has certainly been worthwhile. I recommend the instructor - he's passionate about his subject. I would have liked the course to be a little more challenging.