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Words cannot express, not even poetic words can express, how much I am enjoying this course. On Sundays, I usually watch all of the videos for the week, and I return to the course several times during the week. My knowledge and enthusiasm for modern and contemporary poetry has grown. The workshop style videos make the class seem intimate, even though more than 30,000 people signed up to the class. Al Filreis and all of the Mod Po cast of characters excel in making the class accessible, but also complex and fascinating. It's a phenomena that has improved my life. Just tonight, I was describing the course to a college friend, and he will be checking it out. I recommend it to all. (I will be completing the course, but there is no option below for that. Also, beginners will feel comfortable with this course, but intermediate or advanced students will also be rewarded by participating in this class.) Also, I'm so excited to discover Poem Talk and Penn Sound through this course (which I will be listening to regularly after the conclusion of the course.)