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I am Dutch, so because of that the course took for me probably more time than other (English) students. But the spoken lectures were also available as written text, which helped a lot. Prof. Wright is very enthusiastic and can make all the stuff clear, for everyone, even the ones that have never read a bible before (like me). When necessary he told were we could find the Biblical stuff. And as the Bible is translated in all languages I easily could find those online in Dutch. So no experience with the subject is needed. It is my first course so I cannot compare, only hope that the next ones can match up with this one. It has been a very interesting and a fantastic experience. I liked that there was a lot of extra literature-advices given, there was a well structured forum and a closed Facebookgroup that made most of the members feel as if they were a group of friends. The only thing that was sometimes disturbing were people that try to make a dispute about beliefs. However: this was not tolerated and there was a team of reviewers that try to stop this as soon as possible. Best way was to ignore those people, as this was no the the subject of this course. There were also made available maps of the area, timetables. The only thing I missed was an overview of the Biblical parts that were handy to read. But you can do that by yourself too, as they are regulary mentioned. I hope very much that Dr. Wright has in the future another course for us. This one ended by the impact the Bible can have: Beyond religion (as the title of the Dalai Lama's book says). For me this course changed my view at all sorts of events, as well as nearby, as globally. It enriched my life!