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Only one more week to go of this excellent course and already I'm aware of how much I will miss it. The standard of teaching is excellent. The professor is extremely knowledgeable, very pleasant, and his lectures are distinguished by his vibrant enthusiasm. I particularly enjoy his approach to history which is to examine a particular situation, perhaps an economic crisis, or a decision to go to war or not, and then to discuss the situation fully, covering the context and the different choices which were available at that time. Then we examine the new situation which arises as a result of the decisions which were taken. And so the cycle starts again. This approach leads to a more in-depth understanding of history as it would seem to the participants as it was unfolding, rather than the usual view which is influenced much more by hindsight. My prior experience was history at school (poorly taught back in the 70's). I can't think of anything I didn't like about the course and can't recommend it highly enough. I've taken other Coursera courses in different areas and have not found the tutors to be quite so engaging. I will miss the professor's smiles and wisdom, and look forward to re-taking the course next spring.