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Without a doubt, this course should be taken by every member of the US Congress. I moved from having a neutral to slightly skeptical view on Climate Change to full blown advocate for controlling CO2 emissions. I am actually one of the few conservatives who thinks Climate Change is about science and should be independent of any ideological predilection. If you take this class, you get two for one: an understanding how one can fall into fallacious thinking and learn some wonderful climate science along the way. Brilliant course, very comprehensive, tons of videos and references. The quizzes were very carefully crafted and had very few ambiguous answers, which I see on other MOOC courses. But you had to view most of the videos to answer them correctly. Hopefully they will have a follow-up course on the solutions to Climate Change - this course emphasized the science of climate change and psychology of denial, not the solutions. Definitely worth the $50 to get the certification, free for audit.